How to do web-based support for your business

How to do web-based support for your business

Many people wonder if they can really do web-based support work for their business. Will customers tolerate doing everything online, waiting for answers to their tickets, wondering about the response time? Dont people just want to talk to you on the phone?

When it comes down to it, web-based support is often simply the most cost-effective and effective way to help your customers. But there are some things you need to do to make sure your online support center is comfortable, friendly and responsive from the customers perspective.

Makes it easy to find. If people can not find the link to support your site, they quickly assume that you simply do not offer online support. Soon they will be in line with your sellers and demand service and get more frustrated at the moment. Its a bad situation and one that can generally be avoided very easily by making sure your support center is very visible. If you look at our main page, youll see that support is available directly from the menu bar at the top of each page and then again at the bottom of the sidebar. Do not be afraid to place links in more than one place.

Make sure help is available quickly. All common questions should be available on the website without any interaction being necessary. Customers will appreciate knowing that any questions they have are probably already answered on your site, so be sure to create a knowledge base with in-depth answers, descriptions and photos so everyone gets the message. Many support products can even set the software automatically to search for the knowledge base for relevant articles before each ticket is submitted. You can not beat the waiting time. Another great way to make your customers feel well-off is to offer live chat. Although the only thing you can tell the client in chat is that "this is a complicated issue that must be checked by a support ticket", they feel better knowing there is a reason they wait and they actually have Contact someone at your company. And direct tax is much more efficient than phone support, because an individual operator can handle more than just one chat at a time.

Make sure your customers know what to expect. Enter information about the length of your queue and the average response time available. There is nothing worse than sending a support request and has no possibility to know if it will be answered in an hour or a month. So, do a commitment to reply to tickets within a certain time and stick to it.

Exceed expectations. Its better to overestimate your response time than to underestimate it. No one was ever upset because the response to their ticket arrived 5 hours earlier than they thought it would do. For example, in our own support center, we promise a response from support within a business day. In practice, most tickets are answered within a few hours. Be sure to pay attention to the latest tickets in your queue as well as the oldest. If someone you just answered asks for clarification, its much more valuable for them to get answers in 2 minutes than it would have been for someone with a more complex support request to get a response 2 minutes earlier.

Please. Of course, you want to keep a level of professionalism in all your communications with customers, but do not be so entrepreneurial that people can not understand you. Let people know that you empathize with their situation and really want to help them. Do not make people like they get lost in a bureaucracy. they are likely to find comfort in your arms arms.

The most important thing to remember is just to approach the situation from the customers perspective. How would you like things to work if you were in their position? The idea is to offer them a support experience that, once said and done, will actually be better than they could have had if they had reached you by phone. The web is a really robust medium to do exactly that; You just have to put some planning to design the right kind of experience.

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